Thursday, July 23, 2009

Littlest Pet Shop Tail Waggin Fitness Club Playset

Get the Littlest Pet Shop gang into tip-top shape with their very own pet gym. Pets can run in a hamster wheel, jump hurdles in the obstacle course, and jump rope. Includes lots of great accessories and two exclusive pets -- Guinea Pig and the very first Littlest Pet Shop Kangaroo.


* Get your pets ready to feel the burn with this activity-filled playset!
* Pets are sure to get a workout – or at least a day full of play – when you get them geared up to hit the gym!
* Spin the thumbwheel or flower wheel to get your pets “jumping rope” and “leaping” hurdles.
* While your pets are busy getting their workouts, you can store their gear in the locker, and don’t forget to swing by the snack bar and reward them with a “treat” from the dispenser.
* Playset comes with 2 exclusive pets and lots of accessories.

The Littlest Pet Shop Tail Waggin Fitness Club Playset is packed with fun activities for kids and their new pets. The bobble-head guinea pig and kangaroo are sure to inspire lots of hopping and spinning in this six-room pet palace, which is designed for children aged four and up. Since pets come with small accessories, this set in not appropriate for children under three.

The Tail Waggin Fitness Club Playset is ready to go straight out of the box. Made of brightly colored plastic and decorated with fun decals, the club folds open to reveal six rooms filled with fun accessories.

Two exclusive pets are included to get you started. Take the guinea pig for a spin on the hamster wheel, or spin the thumb wheel and watch the kangaroo "leap" over three hurdles in a circle. There's also a jump rope station controlled by a thumb wheel, a locker for stashing your pets' stuff, and a treat dispenser for rewarding well behaved pets. A post with two swivel beds and a hanging basket provide comfy places for tired pets to rest between workouts, and there's even a washroom with a movable tub for keeping pets clean.

Make New Friends
With plenty of space for lots of pets to play at the same time, this gym inspires cooperative play between friends or siblings. It's also great for a single child with an active imagination. We really enjoyed the unique characteristics of each of the included pets--, like the kangaroo's bright green boxing gloves, and the way magnets in their feet keep them from falling off the magnetized wheel, jump rope platform, and hurdle platform.

But it's clear that having friends bring over their own pets will increase the fun factor, especially since the kangaroo is a little too top-heavy to be a top performer on some of the apparatuses.

The moving parts are put together well, but the fitness club and its accessories are made of plastic, which means that rough play could take a toll on them over time. As long as kids are sure to fold the set up and keep it out of the way when it's not in use, it should provide plenty of imaginative fun.

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